_Invartus Veriti_

Really old book


The Invartus Veriti is a book in a language no one has been able to decipher. As stated by Dr. Carlene Holomon, the book should not exist. It was reported as destroyed a decade ago.

A German professor decided to try and decode the book. He allegedly set fire to his home while he was still in it. He died in the fire, and the book was not recovered. It was reported that the artifact was destroyed in the fire.

Wars have been fought over this book. It is rumored that the book leads to the fountain of youth, the gem of Amara, Excalibur, and the Holy Grail, among other things.

The book passed through several hands before being handed off to a woman by Amber’s description, according to one of the demons. It’s current locations is unknown.

_Invartus Veriti_

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