Episode 2 Court Case


Her breathing was quick, and her muscles ached from the strain. It was quiet tonight, as quiet as a big city could get anyway. She slowed to a stop, allowing herself to jog in place while waiting for the crossing light to change. The sneakers on her feet tapped a constant rhythm for a few moments before she took off again. She could feel her lungs burning, her heart fluttering at the exercise.

Normally she wouldn’t take her daily run at night, but that’s life. Morning meetings and afternoon disasters preempted any personal time. Being out at night wasn’t all that safe. She couldn’t afford to throw out her routine. With a body like hers? Please. She worked hard to keep her body in perfect shape. No matter, she was almost done with her run now. Another block or so and she’d be home.

It’s not like she went out alone either; she wasn’t stupid. She spun around and began running backwards. “Having trouble, old man?” she called out. Her running partner laughed, putting on a boost of speed.

“You wish,” he replied, flashing a smile. Even though they’d been running for miles, his perfectly combed hair remained immaculate. She scowled on principle. “Just try and keep up!” He dashed ahead of her, turning suddenly. She cried out in alarm, quick on his heels. Predictable.

He was waiting for her when she rounded the corner. “You went the wrong way. This isn’t our turn. It’s another street down,” she admonished. He only smiled. “What?” she demanded. He took a slow step toward her. Some part of her realized just where they were standing: in the middle of an alley. No one on the street could see them, not that there were many people out wondering around tonight anyway. “This isn’t funny!” Such a knee-jerk response to the tingle she now felt rush down her spine. There was a feeling of wrongness saturating the little alleyway. She ruthlessly shoved it to the side. This was Shawn. She knew him. She worked out with him in the gym regularly. It had to be some kind of sick joke; he would so pay for this when she was less freaked out!

She backed up another step and ran into something solid. A hand landed on her shoulder. She screamed.


Episode 2 Court Case

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