William Tanner's new platform


William Tanner, a well respected Houston politician, has released his latest campaign position on the supernatural. Tanner is a strong supporter in the rights of the Supernatural. His stance backs the idea of making vampires, among other beings, legal citizens with all of the rights that come with it. Tanner claims that it is against what our country was founded on to exclude a large portion of the population simply because they are another race. “Can we truely exclude our supernatural brothers and sisters simply because they are different?” Tanner asks the public at large. “Will we tell our children that they can no longer attend school or pursue their happiness simply because they’ve grown a pair of long teeth and have a different diet?”

In response to his opposition raising issues, Tanner is quoted as saying, “Sure there will be difficulties. Changes will have to be made, and there will have to be a real desire for understanding on both sides. But I firmly believe that our fair, democratic country will lead the world toward an age where the supernatural is no longer persecuted simply for being different. Instead, they will be embraced and contribute to society. We are no longer in the dark ages nor in a period where witch burnings are acceptable. We are a modern society capable of compromise and rational, non-violent solutions.”

Along the lines of Tanner’s new crusade for the supernatural, Tanner is also supporting P.E.T.S.: Peaple for the Ethical Treatment of the Supernatural. He has made several initial donations to the group, giving them their much needed starting funds. Tanner also often lends his voice to their protests and rallies trying to raise awareness and support from the public, both supernatural and not.


William Tanner's new platform

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