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Houston Texas was founded in 1836 by the brothers Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen. Houston was the fourth most populated city in America, following New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. With the fall of L.A., it is now the third. Currently, Houston has a population of around 2.1 million, reported in 2010.

The Fall of California

The simultaneous opening of several hellmouths in California lead to its quarantine in 2004. Demons, dragons, and other creatures flooded from hell dimensions into our own. They spread out from the hellmouths into the rest of the state. Some were stopped at the border of California, however many slipped past including the much rumored and sometimes anticipated Dragons. The nation stood up in attention. The supernatural world was exposed. People living near the borders of California quickly migrated. Populations shifted widely to the east. States in the west adopted a loose policy on gun control; citizens needed to protect themselves. On the east coast, it is another story. Gun and weapon laws were tightened, some going as far as banning them from entire cities. New York is one such city. There are still those individuals who deny the existance of the supernatural. They claim elaborate hoaxes or government cover ups. There was mass panic as the government tried to regain control. California was cut off from the rest of the country. This was enforced through the swift action of the Inititave. Efforts are being made to evacuate those still trapped in California, but it is a slow process.

Maximilian Nite was elected as president; Robert Brashton became his vice president. Nite is a Republican. Brashton is a Democrat. The pair were hoping their administration would finally bring balance to the two party system. With the election of President Nite and V.P. Brashton came a new head of the Department of Defense Crimson; oddly, no one knows his first name. It is rumored that Crimson is a werewolf, but there has been no evidence to support this claim. The Inititive is no longer a secret and has a foot hold in many towns and states. Although, the head of this special branch of the military is still unknown. There are many thories about who leads the Inititive ranging from Vampires to the more elaborate Bubbles the monkey purse.

The government has funded and developed a blood substitute: True Blood. It is available to vampires. The government hoped to cut down on vampires feeding on humans. Unfortunately, True Blood is not as filling or satisfying as real human blood. This synthetic blood is a step above pigs blood or other animal substitues, but it does not compare to the real thing.

Since the fall, many changes have occured all across the world. One of which is a severe change in weather patterns. Texas, for example, is constantly under electrical storms. Such severe cloud cover often allows vampires to walk the streets during the daylight hours, at least the vampires brave enough.

The Tomato Scare

As if an entire state falling to the supernatural wasn’t enough for the country, a large pandemic spread all across the globe. It was linked back to tomatos. While the disease infected and claimed the lives of several humans, supernatural beings were left unharmed. As such, the supernatural world already living in our dimension decided it was time to make their presence known. They were already outed with the fall of California, and the human populations were falling. Many of them stepped into the light to offer aid. Reactions were mixed. Some welcomed the help while others condemed the non-humans and blamed them for the outbreak.

The dust settled. Some places in the world continued to live as though only humans ruled the world. Others lived in fear. The vast majority, however, accepted the existance of these other beings and continued living. On a whole, life went on. Tomatos are no longer grown and sold in grocery stores. Even though a cure has been found and the threat past, humans on a whole shy away from the fruit. There are still those that like the taste; smaller markets have opened that provide tomatos, but they are largely underground.


Now onto how to play! We will be using a play by post system situated in the journal/adventure log. I will create an entry with a title, detailing the begining of the episode. You will all reply in the comments, and we will go from there. If the list of comments get too long, I will inform you all and start a new entry as part 2, part 3 and so on. I have heard large threads are dificult to handle for mobile devices, so I am doing this as a precaution. I do not know if this holds true for the comments on the adventure log. If any of you notice a problem like this, please inform me. This is still a work in progress, and we will be working out the kinks for a while.

Duckie4213 runs the sister campaign to this one. The two occur in the same world but different cities. His is happening in Austin, Texas. The same players are involved in both games, however they play different characters in the different cities.

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